Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Authors and Authority, one Christian's Perspective

Spring has Sprung, Still Nattering about in Winter
Yesterday I gave my first session of Writing and Publishing 101 at the Ruidoso Public Library. I discussed the following and it seemed a good set of topics for those attending.

Finding your voice

·        You as author
What will you write?
Who will read it?
Why write in the first place?
·        Your predominant gestures
What are your areas of interests?
What observations draw your attention?
What themes reoccur in your conversations?
·        Develop your brand or public image
Kitsch character (or not) How do you want to be seen through your writing?
Meeting reader expectations. Who are my readers, again?
Blogging, to blog or not to blog?
·        Your voice
Thematic, what theme is developed in your current WIP?
Turn of phrase, what phraseology, mannerisms and word choice define your work?
Influences, what voices inspire you and feed your imagination?