Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello out there.
I haven't blogged for a long while and this feels awkward.

Lost in the morass of independent publishing with my novel soon in professional editing, I am wondering if anyone will ever read it, which begs the question: why write?
Because I enjoy it, seems a simple enough answer, but it 's insufficient and often incorrect. In the throes of final edits, I am not necessarily getting a kick out of my words anymore, nor am I thinking well of my writing, but I don't stop. The biggest problem for me is never being satisfied. I simply can't seem to finish one edit without going back and tweaking here there and everywhere.
The second biggest problem is: humans. Those pesky little persona don't always thrill me. I'm not interested in many of their problems and I don't always enjoy spending time with them. My characters are very human. You can figure out what follows.
Regardless, I'm almost finished with my second novel, my fist died before publication and I've started over again on it.
I read yesterday on some blog (actually it was a web article from Forbes) that I don't need to study so much about writing as simply write. I don't need to worry about marketing as much as I should write, (at least that's what I took from it. I could have miss read. I do that occasionally.) This is good news.

So, I'm writing. I'm writing blogs and finishing final edits, and even drafty outlined chapters.

More tomorrow.

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