Saturday, September 10, 2016

Five Thoughts, coming to you live from Denver Colorado

View from my room at RMFW
So I haven't been posting--unsure what I should be doing now that my book will be released soon. So this is just me and a few crazy thoughts.
Crazy thought 1) The back cover of my book is terrible. I didn't finish writing the little why-you-want-to-read-this-book-blurb and while the publisher sent me a review copy, I was so gob-smacked to see my name in print and how beautiful Konii's artwork was, I just approved it without much thought. DumbDumbDumb. That was me, not engaging the grey cells. I had a great ten minute session with an editor, Jeff Seymour, while I attending the Colorado Gold Conference for RMFW (which has been another great year, go RMFW) anyway, Jeff said that authors edit their own back cover copy, emphasis on authors not editors. Just a thought, there should be a field of editors around to help challenged author's like me with this single task.
Crazy thought 2) My book is soon to be out, some say dropped, some say live. They probably all mean different things and I'm using the lingo incorrectly. Either way, a cow drops a calf, a broadcast goes or is live, but a book? I'm not certain I want anymore livestock metaphors in my world. Branding was bad enough. What is my brand--the family owns several. We use the fleur-de-lis, which we pronounce flower de luz (I know, bad, right?) but it's hard for me to get my head around branding at all. I don't want to be branded. Wasn't that a TV show?
Crazy thought 3) I finally made the jump into blogging and trying to add color to my blogs with photos and images. Yikes. I thought I was using free stuff, but I find out, maybe I'm stealing images, albeit, unwittingly. Bad bad juju, or is it joojoo. Whatever it is, I apologize to my huge readership and thank you for not sending me to the gallows.
Crazy thought 4) Can authors actually make enough money to consider it a career? People keep telling me it's a great time to be publishing, but mostly it's a great time if you're a freelance editor or if you offer independent publishing services or if you're Amazon.
Crazy thought 5) because there just needed to be five, four is too clean. I missed the RHS game Friday night and that means I missed my son in the band in their new uniforms. I never thought I'd be so gooey about a football game.
Enough for now, laughter and joy and, if not, strength to bear. Thank you for reading. BEV

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