Monday, March 25, 2019

Lesson Five, Lessons from a Sheep Dog

Hagerman Bible Study notes from March 11
Matthew 6:16-34
Psalm 104
Job 38

Lesson five was titled, the Test of Faithfulness. Keller speaks of Lass becoming frantic when she loses sight of her master. In observing Lass's behavior, Keller saw the necessity of being quietly steadfast and faithful wherever God placed him. He makes the case that God asks us to be loyal steadfast friends, and Keller demonstrates in the negative using the example of Lass. He says that when Lass was distracted, she became useless and often did more damage than good. Keller says that it is essential for us to examine our lives to learn what diverts us from God's calling for us as His co-workers.
Thinking of myself as a co-worker in God's great Economy gives me pause. It stirs in me a sense of urgency and I thank Keller for his clear analogy.
Keller ends this lesson saying that it is our job to be faithful where God places us.
Our teaching from Matthew covered instructions on fasting, storing up treasures in Heaven, and the light of the body is the eye. When we spoke of not serving two masters, we likened it to Lass serving her distractions or serving Keller. We spoke about not being anxious and how this assisted steadfastness.
In Psalm 104 we marveled over the glory of God's creation and then in Job 38 we marveled over God's gentle rebuke of Job about God's creation.
We spent some time talking about forgiveness and how to forgive when we don't have a name or a face, but feel betrayal anyway.
We closed in prayer.
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