Sunday, July 31, 2016

Children's Church and Day Five Scripture Challenge

Today in Children's church I had prepared 2 Samuel 9:1-7 for the fruit of the Spirit covering kindness, but when we went to the chapel with only two youngsters, one bearing a beautiful bag stuffed with coloring books, I couldn't help myself. I decided to play on the floor coloring and drawing. Payton and Stella were the best and the kindness Stella showed to share her lovely books was a far better example that I could pull from a dry talk. The best part was that the kindness of both young women was shown to me.
In the prepared passage, King David, coming back from a remarkable victory, does the unthinkable. He searches out his opponent's grandson son and shows kindness by promising to restore the lands of his father and grant this grandson a permanent place at the King's table.
I read a book recently that used a southern vernacular in dialogue, often stating that 'it would be a great kindness,' or, 'you would show me a true kindness' by allowing a particular turn of events. It led me to consider the difference between tolerance and kindness. Tolerance requires little of a person. You may simply tune out another who disagrees with you allowing them to go their own way, but with kindness, we must interact. It is a gift, one to another. You may disagree fervently and still demonstrate kindness.
Here are my beautiful drawings from Payton and Stella. Thank you both for your kindness to me.

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