Friday, July 29, 2016

Hagerman Bible Study, Priscilla Shirer, The Gift

Monday we listened to Priscilla Shirer's message entitled the Gift. She spoke from Luke 9:1-2,10-16, and the feeding of the five-thousand. This fit beautifully with Stephen's message on the feeding the five-thousand from John.
Shirer began her message with thanksgiving for those who taught her Scripture, who illuminated it for her when she was young. How delightful to be so praised. I was taught by so many, beginning with my parents and childhood friends and still today to our church and the many ministries available on the internet and in books. I am thankful that we can worship freely in this country.
She went on to marvel at the fact that there were five-thousand heads of household, but we have no idea how many children and wives were also fed. What we do know is that Jesus blessed the bread and broke it and the fish and all were fed, moreover they were satisfied.
Illustrating satisfaction, Shirer spoke of her son and the tooth fairy, how he received a gift of gummy bears and five dollars for a tooth one year. She wasn't exactly happy with the money. It was too much. A quarter or a couple of dimes would have been sufficient, but then she learned that the five dollars had come from her son's birthday money which his father had stashed away. She delighted in the turn of events, not least because, something her son had not cared about had become a new treasure. She asked how often do we stash away God's gifts without consideration, only to find later we are abundantly blessed?
Entering a segue in the message, she spoke of how the disciples were tired and seeking rest, that Jesus knew this and called them to Him for that purpose, but they ended up in a multitude with what they perceived as scarce resources. They wanted to turn the crowds away. They wanted to try and find resources in town. She asked how often we do the same with opportunities for God to show His love and generosity. We turn from difficulty and wish away the multitude. The feeding of the five-thousand was not only about the five-thousand, but more clearly about the disciples.
She said that we should endeavor to give our figurative five loaves and two fish to God so that He could magnify His blessing and our ability. She spoke to my heart when she said we never want to face a Red Sea, nevertheless, God calls us into the deep water with Him. We accept that, in our hands, the five loaves and two fish are not enough, but in God's it is all sufficient according to His purposes.
As I said in my last post, how big is our God?
Thank you for reading. BEV

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