Saturday, July 30, 2016

Something Lost, Bible Challenge Day 4

Peter Pan's Lost Boys from Disney Studios
This week my son lost his wallet. Happily there wasn't much in it, but we had to replace his driver's license. Then, last night I lost a diamond earring. It is replaceable, but I have been musing on those people and things that aren't replaceable. Jesus tells three parables of loss in Luke 15, the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son. The first two speak of rejoicing over the sinner who repents. The parable of the lost son, rejoices over the son returned, but moves on to instruct the one who stayed behind.
I don't like losing things, but I also don't like taking risks. This limits God's miracles in my life. I've got the bases covered, so to speak, and I can rest easy, but, in today's world we are all at risk, from terrorists to malignant souls who seek to destroy another's peace simply because the don't have the same. How much simpler to find peace and rest in God's word and in prayer than to not take risks.
Thanks for reading. BEV

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